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Welcome to Our This 'n That Resources Page...
...where you will find an eclectic list of website we like, ranging from environmental issues to supply resources to jewelry designers to just plain fun!
If you like handmade beads with're gonna LOVE Bonnie's beads! We play around a little with polymer clay but we're just plain amateurs compared to her work. WOWOWOW does she ever have talent! Take a few minutes to look at her "How I Build a Cane" page to learn more about this intricate process!
Do you macrame...but are using waxed linen or hemp...and perhaps want to try micro knotting? This is the place to shop! Marion not only carries an extensive line of cord (and other goodies!), but she gives very detailed and helpful descriptions. While you're there, check out her macrame....oh my!
Speaking of "Oh my!" macrame...when you have a few minutes, check out this site! Yowzah! Only in my dreams....!
Are you into cosplay...or just love pirates? You gotta check out Scott Blake's studio! You won't find this talented costume maker walking the plank, matey!
And speaking of pirates...are you more of a DIY? You're gonna LOVE Mojo's wikispaces' site. Pssst! Check out the Brethren Court while you're there! You might even meet a professional Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator...or two.
Affordable web hosting services intended for personal and hobby sites that do not completely rely on e-commerce and webmail. Great option for start-up ventures!
Good source for gold and sterling findings, chains, gemstones, crystal, tools, wire, and other items. Nice people to deal with!
Rock and roll fitness FUN! Honest!! Who woulda thunk it that I'd EVER put "fitness" and "fun" in the same sentence? I'm here to tell you...we luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv our Trikkes! (Pssst! Wanna see a little of yours truly in "action"? Check out my little videoclip, "Trikke Dancing, Spaceships, and John Denver", on our blogsite. (Pssst! We have a link on our homepage!)
"Stop Mountaintop Removal"... I will try not to get into the politics of this issue here, but this subject is near and dear to my heart. I was born and raised in Ohio, but my parents were born and raised in the heart of Appalachian coal-mining country in Eastern Kentucky and Western West Virginia. Their families, for the most part, still reside there.
I have been following the efforts of Maria Gunnoe for awhile and was recently thrilled to learn that she was a recipient of a 2009 Goldman Environmental award. Hopefully this will help bring more awareness to what has been happening in this part of our country for many years. I highly recommend her DVD. By the way, our favorite vacation destination is the Smokey Mountains. If you've never been...put it on your "bucket list" of places to visit.